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  • Call Us Today +65-6252-0911
    Email ID sales@evergreenmachinetools.com
    39, Woodlands Close, #04-19, Mega@Woodlands Singapore – 737856



    Established with a professional and experienced team of sales and service engineers. We partner with leading machine tool manufacturers from Taiwan. We supply latest technology CNC machines for manufacturing industries.

    Our Mission

    Our goal is to recommend and introduce top Quality Machines that will add value to your business. We strive to maintain the highest level of Professionalism, Integrity and fairness in our relationship with our clients.

    Our Vision

    To add values to all our business partners. Deliver excellence in Service and workmanship.

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    We always bring good quality services with 100% safety measures

    Our Team

    • We have a very experienced sales and service team equipped with relevant skill and knowledge.
    • Minimize your production downtime in diagnosing and solving the problem in one visit.

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